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Juiced Boost
Cards: 40
Alliance Command Center
Magpyre Commando4
Grit Instructor2
Pack Mentality1
Vicious Cycle2
Yara from Arawaka1
Inked Brawler4
Racer In Shadow4
Sister Spitfire3
Cold-Blooded Killer2



Deck Created

Jan 27, 2022

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This deck is a pretty boilerplate YP aggro deck. It's competitive since the August 13 2021 balance patch.

General strategy

It's big-little-body aggro. Play all your cards at once, buff them taller, hit face repeatedly. Win by turn 5 or not at all.

The main idea is pretty simple - try to get 3 of your 1-drops next to each other, hit them all with Juiced, knock down anything that stands in your way. For 2-3 turns, your minions should be just 1 health tougher than your opponent can put down in a cost-efficient manner. You don't have long before board wipes start dropping, and midrange minions are simply more cost-efficient for their size, so make your temporary advantage count.

Burn ideas

Planning for first burns matter a lot. If you intend to burn yellow turn 1, then purple on turn 2, you want a yellow 1-drop on turn 1, then another yellow 1-drop plus a purple 1-drop in hand to place on turn 2. That's 2 yellow and 1 purple 1-drops. If you burn purple turn 1, you want 1 yellow and 2 purple 1-drops.

If need be, you can play 2 purple minions on turn 2. This will prevent you from playing Yara or Vicious Cycle on curve, so burn accordingly.

To play Juiced turn 3, you will have 3 mana and YPP gems, so you should try to keep a yellow 1-drop on hand to play with Juiced (2PP).

You regularly burn to 4 mana and YYPP gems, and may stretch to 5 mana if you need to play Mantle of Authority + Instabeast or Racer in Shadow + Instabeast in a turn. Ideally the 5th gem is purple, but it's not a hard requirement like the first 4 gems.

Tips and matchups

  • Buffed by Mantle of Authority on turn 1, the only 1-cost removal your minions fear are Corrode Equipment, and Racer in Shadow in a disk deck. Against those pieces of removal, it may be better to place Mantle as a minion, rather than a buff.
  • If you expect to see Ready for Anything or Circle of Protection, it may be a good idea to focus on having buff Magpyre Commandos over other 1-drops.
  • Against Necro decks, you need to spread out to lanes 1/4/7 so you can't all get blocked. If your opponent doesn't discard helicarrier or a warded Necro target, then try to keep Vicious Cycle on hand to remove it.
  • When facing swarmier aggro/midrange decks, you may need to clump up in a corner to ensure at least 1 minion breaks through. Cold-Blooded Killer is incredibly valuable here.
  • Sniffer can be placed 1 lane away from minions you are planning to juice - this protects all 3 of them from getting hit at once by Halcyon Decree, Forked Lightning, or Magmataur.
  • Try to buff something to 3 health if you expect Thunderclap, 4 health if you expect Misanthropia.
  • Purple 1-drops are more common than yellow ones, yellow late-game plays are more common than purple ones.
  • Cold-Blooded Killer can be played unforged.

Budgetify Me!

To make the deck cheap and Mythic/Rare-free, you can replace Yara from Arawaka and 2x Cold-Blooded Killer with some combination of Shinobi of Fire, Pack Mentality, Vicious Cycle, and/or Instabeast. 3x Shinobi of Fire is preferable, but if you're looking for a budget version, you make do with what you have.