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Rainbow Speeder Spider
Cards: 40
Turn of Seasons
Demolition Speedway2
Freki Sidecar2
Junkyard Valhalla1
Magnus Thorsson1
By Gullveig's Grace1
Clay Effigy2
Beimeni Falls1
Gemcutter Spider2
Orbital Jamming Satellite1
Wake the Bones1
Lamp of Wonders1
Mandatory Vigor1
Xerxian Agitator4
Desertification Engine1
Jaza'eri Arquebus2
Peri at the Gates2
Scion of Pride1
Seal of Exile1
Racer In Shadow3
Koga Impostor2
Gama Sennin1
Plague Maidens2
Herald of Pestilence1
Fated Firebird1
Herald of Conquest1



Deck Created

Jan 27, 2022

Mana Curve

Rarity Counts

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First and foremost: The goal of this deck is to kill your opponent with a 12/12 spider with rush.

Second: You will not succeed most of the time, if your opponent's deck is any good. This is a casual meme deck.

General strategy

As stated above, rush spider combo. If you lose any of the pieces, then you just play big bodies like Gemcutter Spider, Tangleskein, and Herald of Conquest straight up, and give them overrun. Until then, you chump block things while you burn all 6 colors and collect your combo pieces.

Burn priority

As a rainbow-colored deck, burning wisely is incredibly important. To play every card in your deck, you need to end up burning BBYYRGOOPP exactly. Your burn priority for the first few turns should be OPYBBGR. This is a guideline, not an absolute need, since in 6-color decks, your ability to have the right color to burn is quite limited. Aside from blue, most of your double-gem cards are supposed to be played later into the game, so you can prioritize burning second gems later.

To survive the first three turns

  • Turn 1: You want to burn yellow or purple, so you can either play clay effigy or racer in shadow. Racer should only really be prioritized against aggro.
  • Turn 2: Burn orange. All your 2-drop minions are orange. If you play Xerxian Agitator, choose Inked Brawler (purple) unless you've already burned purple.
  • Turn 3: If you burned yellow already and can burn green to play Plague Maidens, do so. Otherwise, burn purple or blue and play Koga Impostor.

Placing key enchantments

  • Beimeni Falls will keep you alive as long as you keep placing on it. Placing multi-body minions on it like Koga Impostor and Jaza'eri Arquebus will net you a lot of life. Try putting it in a blocking lane, such as lane 2 or 6.
  • Demolition Speedway is part of the combo finisher, but it will also let your multi-body minions trade more effectively. Place similarly to Beimeni Falls.
  • Junkyard Valhalla places minions on its own. Since your first minions dead were probably Tricksters or Agitators, it will either serve as more aggro deterrent or pseudo-card draw. Place in a central lane, soon as you have something dead in the boneyard - value wins games.

The combo

The aim of the combo is simply to have a 14/12 with rush hit your opponent in the face. Before your combo turn, you want to have Gemcutter Spider and Freki Sidecar in hand, and Demolition Speedway on the board. Pseudonomicon can be used to fetch your combo pieces, but make sure you have enough spare mana and extra cards in hand to be able to use it. The simple combo would be to play Gemcutter Spider on Speedway, then Sidecar next to it, and hit your opponent for a lot of damage all at once. If you have 10 mana, you can add Allfather's Horn for a more powerful version of the combo - place Spider on Speedway, play Allfather's Horn, then play Sidecar next to it, which lets Spider attack twice, for about 28 damage straight from hand. Herald of Conquest is also a good post-Horn buff, especially if you're using minions other than Spider, or Spider is not on a Speedway.

Other tips

  • This deck is light on hard removal, with just 1 seal of exile, 1 scion of pride, and 1 magnus thorsson. There's no other hard board clear against bigger bodies. If you can't stay constantly engaged with the board, you will lose.
  • Pseudonomicon can cycle ephemeral token cards into your deck, including cards generated by Xerxian Agitator.
  • Seal of Exile lets you burn a 3rd orange gem, since playing Seal deletes an orange gem.

Hark the Heralds

This deck's mana curve supports playing all 5 Heralds - it already contains 2 of them. You can replace Fated Firebird, Gama Sennin, and Tangleskein with Herald of Famine, Herald of Death, and Herald of War. Be warned - this will upset the burn patterns and make the deck harder to play!


September 21, 2022: -1 Allfather's Horn, -2 Wry Trickster, +1 Desertification Engine, +1 Mandatory Vigor, +1 Racer in Shadow

The Allfather's Horn cost nerf makes it unplayable in the deck, so its role as a combo piece is replaced by Mandatory Vigor. Wry Trickster is harder to play early with a low gem count, so Racer and Desertification Engine are added to ward off early aggro.