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RP Ultra Budget Aggro (0 Mythics!)
Cards: 40
Alliance Command Center
Carny Rioter4
Hysterical Strength2
Strigoi Pup2
Sunken Acolyte3
Vulcan Brand3
Daring Trapezists4
Reckless Vulcanist3
Wings of Abaddon2
Inked Brawler4
Racer In Shadow4
Sister Spitfire4
Koga Impostor2
Shinobi of Fire3



Deck Created

Feb 7, 2021

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This is the deck that I got through silver with this season.

RP aggro has been a favorite of mine for a while, and with the new tools from WW, it has gotten incredibly fast. Best of all, you don’t need any mythic to do it so this build is super budget friendly.

I was able to win a match on turn 4 with this. That was under ideal conditions, but turn 5-7 is easily doable.

The name of the game is to go for the face as much as possible. Trade as little as possible use your life total as a resource. You are trying to take out the opponent before they have a chance to get going.

Alliance Command Center is a great path for this build. With 22 1-mana cards, you’ll be able to deploy your hand very quickly and start building charges. Plus the Mantle of Authority gives you a free minion capable of hitting the opponent for 3 so you can start going wide early or tack it onto a minion to sneak in an extra point of damage later.

There are few powers that are good here, but I like the flexibility of infuse. You can use it when you are forced to make a trade, or sneak in that all-important extra point of damage.

Carny Rioter and Sunken Acolyte are your key 1-drops. Like Mantle, both are capable of smacking your opponent for 3, which is very efficient for a 1-drop. Rush minions like Racer In Shadow, Daring Trapezist, and Wings of Abaddon can either act as either a minion or a removal spell to protect your hard hitters. Inked Brawler and Reckless Vulcanist still deal damage to the opponent even if they are removed.

Sister Spitfire is a beast. A 3/2 for 2 is good on rate, but her ability to give a minion agile and allowing them to sneak in for a few points of damage can often be a game-winning move.

Shinobi Of Fire can close out games quickly. Koga Impostor is a little more shaky as a 3-drop, but can be great in some circumstances. Forcing a 2 for 1 to remove it or trading then hitting the opponent for 3 can be very effective.

There are only 5 non-minions in the deck, but they are powerful when applied at the right time. Hysterical Strength can give you an extra bit of reach, or turn a bad trade into a good one. Vulcan Brand may be the best card in the deck. Attach to a rush minion to turn a precision strike into an explosion that takes down something large or multiple enemy minions while still pushing damage through.

As for your burn strategy, nothing has more than 1 gem in its cost, so burn away as needed. Just don’t burn more than 4-5 in most instances. You want to be pushing damage right from the get-go, not burning it away for a long game this deck doesn’t have.

When in doubt, the face is the place. Good luck fellow Mythgardians.