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Rebel Forged OP
Cards: 40
Alliance Command Center
Storied Martyr4
Dark Passenger2
Spear of Destiny1
Wry Trickster2
Xerxian Recruiter2
Hand of Sa'd3
Xerxian Insurrectionist3
Jaza'eri Arquebus2
Peri at the Gates2
Scion of Pride1
Caravan Brass1
Kaveh, Khyber Warlord1
Inked Brawler4
Racer In Shadow4
Sister Spitfire4
Brother Moonblade1
Cold-Blooded Killer2
Merciless Koxinga1



Aggro Midrange
Deck Created

Feb 2, 2021

Mana Curve

Rarity Counts

Type Counts



With recent launch of Winter War I went to work to find a OP list I enjoyed playing. Current iteration of the deck is kind of a hybrid build of my two former OP builds with the inclusion of a Rebel package. Fate Forged OP, and Wink MinMaxed Soul Broker .

Want to take this moment to give a Shout out to Oneiric, Madoka_hk, and Minmaxer for teaching me the ways of SmorC, Erobert and Rune for never agreeing on anything and forcing me to think for myself and in the process making me a better deck builder.

"DISCLAIMER" Deck is still being refined and subject to change but overall I'm comfortable with sharing it at this current point in time.

                                                      ~ EDITS & NOTES ~

02.03.2021 : -1 Temptation , -1 Merciless Koxinga, -2 Triennial Patrol, -1 Dark Passenger, -1 Axe Man , -1 Xerxian Insurrectionist +1 Seal of Exile, +3 Xerxian Sympathizer, +2 Eager Recruit, +1 Spear of Destiny

Initially I had been play testing Inked Brawlers in place of Racer in Shadow and when I made the swap didn't account for how the reduction in rebels would increase the chances of me whiffing on Kaveh, Khyber Warlords ability. Then with the prevalence of YP and YR on ladder Koxinga and Triennials were sitting in my hand more often then I would like plus they don't synergize with the decks game plan of abusing Sister spitfire to push damage. Adding Xerxian Sympathizer and Eager Recruit helps shore up my early game and increases high roll potential with preexisting rebel package.

Even though temptation has been stellar decided to do a 1-1 split by cutting one and adding a Seal of Exile just to give myself the option of hard removal.

Having the ability to trade up and make consistent tempo plays due to Mantle of Authority reminded me how underrated Spear of Destiny is in a deck such as this so swapped it in lieu of Dark Passenger.

02.06.2021: -1 Seal of Exile, -1 Temptation, -3 Xerxian Sympathizer, -2 Eager Recruit, -3 Axe Man, +4 Inked Brawler, +2Khyber Qomadan, +1 Brother Moonblade, +1 Dark Passenger +1 Merciless Koxinga

Xerxian Sympathizer was a bit too cheeky for my liking and not having more zealots in the deck really reduced its high roll potential also the Eager Recruit tokens at times would prevent Alliance command center from Proccing.

Its seems like Axe Man has pushed many 2/1 minions out of the meta and since we dont run shadhavar beast it started to feel awkward.

Four mana removal just seems too prohibitive at the moment decks are too fast and the tempo loss is extremely punishing.

Inked Brawlers gets put back in to bolster my early game presence it also increases the Rebel density so we have better odds of exploiting Storied Marty and Kaveh, Khyber Warlord. Speaking of Khybers, Khyber Qomandan are here simply because I opened a playset and they are rebels. Will have to see if they are worth the inclusion with further testing. The one of Brother Moonblade was a suggestion from Madoka and so far the card has definitely exceeded expectations.

Merciless Koxinga makes a return just cause I was seeing a decent number of Fires of Creation decks in my meta pocket.

Lastly re-added dark passenger after putting in Inked Brawlers and having access to Brother Moonblade. Truth be told it probably should have never been cut, somewhere in the world L0gick is judging me hard for this decision.

02.10.2021: No permanent changes at the moment but I have been contemplating a few changes. Past day or so due to announcement of upcoming balance changes I've seen an uptick in specific aggro archetypes seems people trying to get as many games in before these decks eat a nerf.

Khybers Qomadan has been a tad clunky at times but Brother Moonblade has been exceptional makes me think I may just want to play more of them and cut the Khybers.

Seems like a simple enough change and would permit me to play a 2nd Dark Passenger to great effect. Only downside I see to this is much like Eager recruit tokens the items might clog my hand making proccing Alliance command center troublesome but with the upcoming nerf to Triforge trooper I may have to reconsider ACC as a path choice.

02.11.2021: -2 Khyber Qomandan +1 Brother Moonblade +1 Caravan Brass

Tentative change but I'm pretty convinced Khybers are wrong for this build

02.13.2021: -1 Brother Moonblade +1 Dark Passenger

Moonblades is a solid card but double purple gems can make it awkward to play on curve and the hook sitting in hand can prevent ACC from proccing. I do like the the utility it provides and the stat line and as a one of seems to give me enough of a surprise factor to steal games. Adding another Passenger because well Passenger is Passenger nuff said.