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People Eaters
Cards: 40
Turn of Seasons
Defy Death1
Racer In Shadow4
Steam Bun2
Battle Chef3
Ghost In The System2
Sword Saint3
Hoarding Hero2
Hotel Barkeep3
Zen Archer1
Spiteful Mimic1
Thriving Shade3
Jin-Sook, Dollmaster1
Master of Shadows1
Merciless Koxinga1
Spirit Away2
Celestial Dragon1
Gama Sennin1
Perfect Grade1



Deck Created

Nov 19, 2020

Mana Curve

Rarity Counts

Type Counts



With Terragon and Lantern Colossus getting nerfed, but Hoarding Hero getting buffed, I was inspired to play a mono purple items deck. I have been having tons of fun with this one.

Some notable synergies and tactics are:

  • Simuzen + Hoarding Hero which allows for a turn 3 5/5 Hoarding Hero,

  • Hoarding Hero has 13 items to benefit from in this deck, 14 if you include Gama Sennin's, meaning you are quite likely to have a powerful Hero when you draw it,

  • Jin-Sook + Master of Shadows OR Perfect Grade can make some great surprise plays with her movement ability,

  • Hotel Barkeep + Racer in Shadow make good Rush weapons to remove prime targets on the board, or just to push more damage vs slower decks,

  • Thriving Shade is a 6/7 if kept Stealth, meaning most items are going to be fantastic on her if you don't draw Hoarding Hero,

  • Muttonmorphosis + Spirit Away are prime removal against buffed enemy minions and key pieces of opponent's strategy,

  • Sword Saint is still a great tool to keep you alive in tandem with Hoarding Hero + Thriving Shade,

  • Zen Archer not only works amazingly vs Aggro (2/1 Trapezists feel this!) but can set up finishes with its Agile item,

  • Battle Chef's item allows for very good trades even with Racer in Shadow now that it does not self-banish, as well as for protecting valuable but otherwise vulnerable minions like Jin-Sook and Zen Archer,

  • Merciless Koxinga + Racer in Shadow work well together with Koxinga's Born in Cruelty spells as great removal against many minions,

  • Sword Saint + Celestial Dragon are a combo in and of themselves,

  • Celestial Dragon + Spirit Away + Muttonmorphosis are an odd synergy in that if your CDrag dies and your opponent gives one of their minions Immortal, they have then ripened your removal spells with a great, valuable target and thus this lessens the penalty of playing CDrag to begin with,

  • Defy Death and Zen Archer together can score you wins from the throes of defeat, making for a surprise one-two counter-strike unlike any other in the game

Ultimately this deck's greatest strength is its flexibility, as it can get in gear to become very aggressive early on or it can attempt to control the game and stall it out until it is able to counter-strike for a victory. The Tree of Life is able to keep you alive versus Aggro. I usually play it T1 if I think I will be able to protect it as it is extremely valuable in keeping your life total high and therefore often forcing the Aggro player to use a turn or two in taking it down.

The Thriving Shade buff feels great here in tandem with playing a single Spiteful Mimic and Decoy in the deck as it is no longer easy for the opposing player to determine their correct play. The differentiation between a 4/4 Mimic and a 4/5 Shade is nothing to balk at and is very often the difference between losing your Shade or not.

This deck likes to be evasive and aggressive while simultaneously assassinating the enemy's strategic pieces. Get your creative juices flowing and enjoy!