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Deck Created

Oct 9, 2020

Mana Curve

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Warning: this deck is pure meme! Please don't craft it if you are low on dust, it's not good.

But if you really want to summon Champion of the Contest for some reason, you have come to the right place.

Blue is our only double gem color. Magnus is great for staving off faster decks. Odinthrone helps us draw. And Terra Forma can generate huge loambackers which are guaranteed a spot by virtue of the fact that you always draw Podium, and which also sit very well on Odinthrone. The ideal blue burn is Terra Forma.

The ideal yellow burn is Annulus Fabricator, and this is the only card that you absolutely MUST burn, so make sure that you don't get to 10 gems before burning it. Null Seeker can sometimes help in finding it.

We only run two red cards. There is no strong preference on which to burn. Null Seeker is also useful in getting a red gem.

K-Nine Handler is the ideal burn for green. We use its forge effect to search out Nine-Tailed Vixen, and it's also a decent chump blocker when armored. Nameless Poet can revive Nine-Tailed Vixen with warded, which is especially powerful if you have Odinthrone out and a Hammam Retreat adjacent.

For orange, Null Seeker is the ideal burn, as its divination effect can help you assemble your combo. Hammam Retreat is also not as useful against non-Yellow opponents. Scion of Pride is used to transform Gama Sennin to get the Ring of Eternity.

For purple, Nine-Tailed Vixen is usually the ideal burn, as K-Nine Handler will bring it back. But you'll have to play it by ear. Vixen recycles your racers to keep the board in check. Gama Sennin is your alternate win condition; if it doesn't get permanently removed, it can add up to a lot of value over time.

The ideal scenario is to have Odinthrone adjacent to an occupied Hammam Retreat, with Nine-Tailed Vixen sitting on Odinthrone with warded from Nameless Poet. This is very difficult to remove, as she has Deadly and Alpha Strike, and it will get you an extra draw every turn. With Podium, Garlands, and Pseudonomicon, every draw will bring you closer to assembling all six rings. Once you summon the Champion of the Contest, it's game over.


Here's a game where I actually managed to summon the Champion of the Contest against a human: