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Aggro Midrange
Deck Created

Sep 25, 2020

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A very powerful mono-purple deck that you can build using only commons and uncommons. The goal is to make the best use of Coliseum of Strife by playing the new breach cards from Rings of Immortality. They have decent stats, and can make good trades, but their breach effect will often compel your opponent to use chump blockers. Lots of low cost minions can help you secure an early board, and generate powerful buffs with Armature of Ages and Juiced. Muttonmorphosis removes difficult threats, while still leaving something to trade with. Use your Terragon and Risen from the Deep to seal the deal with that final damage push!

This deck is powerful in any player's hands, but it's especially targeted towards anyone who doesn't have very many of the rares or mythics that appear in so many other decklists. You can still enjoy that quintessential purple flavor with a fresh dose of Rings of Immortality, without breaking the bank. If you know a new or budget player who would enjoy this list, share it with them!


If you're just starting out, you might not have all the copies of even the commons and uncommons. You can adjust the ratio of the cards that I used, but there are also many powerful common and uncommon tools in the Harmony faction that I didn't use at all. So I thought I'd share other things that can be added instead.

1 mana: Steam Bun. Sniffer or Tong Foot Soldiers in a pinch. It's very important to have lots of low-cost minions to play on Armory of Ages.

2 mana: Insatient or Wailing Yokai in a pinch. Nothing really compares to the 2-drops already included.

3 mana: Hotel Barkeep, Shinobi of Wind, Shinobi of Fire. Stubborn Tengu in a pinch. The purple 3-drop slot is crowded with good options, so take your pick.

4 mana: Emperor Koi or Thriving Shade in a pinch.

5 mana: Pushy Oni in a pinch.

6 mana: Lantern Colossus.

Rares and Mythics: Try anything you want, but it might be especially fun to play around with Cold-Blooded Killer, Nine-Tailed Vixen, Pentacle of Flavors, Moon in the Water, and Spirit Away.


You can see a description of the deck and gameplay footage here:

Leave a comment on the video to let me know if you want to see more budget decks like this.