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Radiant Horn
Cards: 40
Rainbow's End
Demolition Speedway3
Einherjar Thane3
Loki's Veil1
Bragi Runesinger1
Giant's Stairway3
Magnus Thorsson1
Allfather's Horn2
Eager Recruit4
Thieves Bazaar4
Radiant Vessel4
Serendipity Ifreet3
Soma Oasis2
Peri at the Gates2
Raziel, Keeper of Secrets1
Scion of Pride1
Solomon's Gale1
Kushiel the Unforgiving1
Armageddon Angel1



Deck Created

Jun 3, 2020

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I'm no Champion player, so take everything I say here with a grain of salt. This is my deck, and its been working out for me in Ranked.

The winning combo is to stick Radiant Vessel to the board, then cast Allfather's Horn, not only giving Vessel two attacks, but allowing it to use its gem consuming ability twice to gain ridiculous strength. If able to connect with both hits, this usually ends the game. With 4 orange gems, this combo alone deals 22 damage. The particular shell built around this combo is designed to make it as consistent and hard to disrupt as possible, while also letting you eke out advantage on the board in order to survive long enough to assemble your combo, or even win without it.

The first thing you'll notice playing this deck is the rate at which it draws (a fact which makes assembling your combo pieces easier than you might assume). Rainbow's End loves to see 15 enchantments. You should prioritize burning redundant or low-value enchantments over anything else in order to increase the ratio of enchantments to non-enchantments in your deck even further, usually getting a free draw roughly every other turn. Be wary of burning the enchantments you need to support your combo however. Unless you don't have any of the other pieces, or need to make specific plays in order to survive or not completely lose the board, this usually isn't wise.

Once you have the requisite two blue gems, favor burning orange for Vessel's sake. Both of your 1-mana cards are prime burn targets. There are no hard burn rules though, and you have to keep in mind the raw power that your mythics and Stairways will have in the mid to late game and do the calculus yourself.

Your path's natural draws aren't your only source of card advantage. Peri is, as always, a great play on turns where you don't have more pressing matters to address. Bragi also helps you find much needed combo pieces, and dump unburnable enchantments back into your deck to draw again for free. Raziel's Divination makes end-of-turn enchantment draws into a near certainty, as does Serendipity Efreet's. Efreet in particular is a double edged sword. You want to use him for card advantage, but also get him killed as quickly as possible for trading or blocking value, since the life he drains from you can quickly become unmanageable. Of course, there's also the card advantage that comes from your standard high value mythics like Scion, Solomon's Gale, and Kushiel, and from your sweepers, Geddon Angel and Magnus.

You might think its not possible to consistently have Radiant Vessel survive a turn and be unblocked by your opponent, but the rest of the deck is designed to make this happen. Seahaven and to a lesser extent Demolition Speedway are your primary tools to ensure Vessel can connect. They will often be played after Horn as combat tricks, but can also be placed down beforehand for value. Seahaven in particular can also serve as protection for your Vessel. Favor it over Speedway.

Speaking of protection, Soma Oasis is your premiere tool to ensure that Radiant Vessel sticks to the board. Loki's Veil and the aforementioned Seahaven are also sometimes appropriate for this purpose, though with less absolute protection you should still be careful to play away from any minions your opponent has on board.

Without these specific cards, Vessel can still be both protected and cleared of blockers by placing it next to one or more big minions, of which this deck has several. If only one minion is covering for it, you should try to shove Vessel against the edge of the board where no enemy minions can contest it from the other side that your adjacent big boi can't reach.

I should mention that you shouldn't be compelled to pull all of this off as soon as possible. Use your judgement to determine whether going for general value or making a beeline for the combo is your more likely path to victory. From my experience, the combo is your most reliable wincon a surprising majority of the time, but only when it's thought through and carried out at a moment when you have the right cards and board state to minimize risk of disruption. The path you take to assembling it often isn't the first one that becomes available.

Where this deck flounders the most is in the early game, where it often spends some turns burning and not doing anything else. Though your main goal is to survive the early game and try not to be at a big disadvantage going into the crucial midgame, I've found that playing one Eager Recruit and/or Thane proactively, even when you don't know where attackers will appear, is generally best. The amount of card advantage you get for free means that you usually won't empty your hand, so playing these minions sub-optimally rather than waiting to maximize their value is an important source of needed tempo. This principle applies less to enchantments, which you often want to save for burning if not able to be played with a specific plan in mind. As an exception, Soma Oasis is often safe to plop down with similar lack of information for the sake of not needing to set it up later and restricting your opponent's immediate offensive choices.

If I had to describe what makes this deck both fun and difficult, its that you're balancing several important tasks. You need to survive what your opponent is doing, need to fight for the board, and need to set up your combo. Knowing when to do what is something you'll get a feel for as you play.

Your win con is, ultimately, more finicky to pull off than any of the top meta decks, but it also has more potential to come unavoidably out of nowhere if you create a window for it. You don't even need the board presence that Valkyries generally needs in order to pull off its Horn victory, just Radiant Vessel, Allfather's Horn, and a dream. May your opponent never see it coming.