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Turbo kraken (pre-nerf)
Cards: 40
Fires of Creation
Brising Necklace1
Draupnir Band1
Norn Datacore2
Root of the World2
Blackened Jotun3
Magnus Thorsson1
Clay Effigy2
Maze of Iyatiku4
Orbital Jamming Satellite1
Wonder Drug1
Model of Duality1
Ollama Ring2
Bob "Banzai" Vaquero1
Scourge of Serpents1
Twin Junah1
Sapo, The Devourer1
Stray Panacea3
Dashing Ringmaster2
Sea Lord's Trident1
Sideshow Chimera1
Seven Ring Ritual1
Brass Bouncer2



Deck Created

Apr 5, 2020

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This fire of creation list was inspired by erobert's turbo decks, using draupnir and datacore to generate mana, aswell as ejecty's fire of ouroboros list ( which used root of the world as a mana sink for the aforementioned mana artifacts. What this deck aims to do is to bring red shiny new control tools to that concept, panacea as a way to make the deck more consistent and sea lord's trident as another mana sink which synergize with root of the world for a lot of draw, ringmaster for an impressive board clear and both to serve as a finisher. The idea is that root bypasses the limitation on the numbers of kraken by removing used ones from the field.

Still that's the new shiny combo but this deck stays true to the original idea of turbo decks. I highly recommend this article from erobert to get a better grasp of the path and the turbo concept :

Edit : That article is even better and even include talk about turbo kraken o/ :

A few things to note :

  • By turn 4 your goal is to burn BYYR, this allows the most flexibility going into your turn 5, opening misanthropia, magmataur, magnus or ramping a twin/sapo. If you get your mana artifacts early gems will be more limiting than mana.

  • ringmaster + chimera/7RR combo is present in the deck but will sometimes be impossible to perform if you can't burn up to 4red gems, you shouldn't worry too much about that, they are only side plans and casting them without ringmaster is often more right than trying to push for the combo. ideal burns are 2blue, 4yellow, 4red but it's unlikely to fall into place perfectly. 2blue, 3yellow and 2 red are what's important for the deck to function.

  • The deck is designed to easily assemble the combo. FoC divination allows to fetch sea lord's trident, and root of the world (via brising necklace), and root itself drawing only minions help getting to ringmaster very easily. That means you shouldn't worry about burning a root or a ringmaster early (I'd still hold on to trident if possible) and it makes the combo a lot more consistent than you'd expect considering it's a 3card combo. (4/5 if you include datacores). But that also means it require a good understanding of FoC path to make the most of it.

  • The combo isn't the only way to win. Each piece of the combo can be played by itself and still put some work, and just winning by ramping out a blackened jotun is perfectly reasonable.

  • Artifact slot are tight and you will have to sacrifice some of them along the way :

  • Necklace can be replaced without worry
  • Never replace ollama or sea lord's trident.
  • Datacore are also two slots that you should usually not replace
  • This leave duality/satellite/draupnir fightinng for the 5th slot. Satellite is matchup dependant. Draupnir is mainly useful in the early game and usually gets replaced by a datacore later on. As for duality you usually want to keep it until you've assembled combo pieces, at which point it's fine to replace and fallback on root and trident for draw. (which will allow you to get to key minions a lot faster).

The deck is quite hard to play so it's hard to write up a comprehensive description, still I do hope those advices will help you pilot it.