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Aggro Midrange
Deck Created

Mar 27, 2020

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Everyone knows that Allfather's Horn is for degenerates, and since it is getting nerfed I have been inspired to optimize the Blurple Enchantments deck I posted a couple days ago found here:

Below I will list a few tips and tricks I learned while playing the deck!

  • This is a TEMPO deck. You want big mana swings, tough units to deal with, and an aggressive board!

  • Lanes 2 and 6 are your best friends. Do not group your units together as you want to be pushing as much face damage every turn as you effectively can. If you group units you will have to deal with Soma Oasis, Master of Shadows, Mimics, etc.

  • Another benefit of occupying lanes 2 and 6 is that it forces your opponent into the middle of the board if they choose to race. This makes the game easier to control.

  • Misanthropia is usually not at all a problem for this deck. What is, however, is Gigantomachia. There is really no playing around it, go all in and hope to win before they draw it.

  • The best unit to have on a Giant's Stairway is very often an Einherjair Thane. Their ability to recover all of their health becomes tremendously more valuable with a 5/6 body!

  • I tried playing with Valkyrie Tough rather than Ghost in the System but found that paying the extra blue gem wasn't really worth getting one extra point of attack while giving up control and extra consistency of being able to play Racers when I need them.

  • Coining out a turn 3 Ronin, Kara, or Tail Root Worm can be a tempo swing so massive that it can win you games on its own if your opponent doesn't have an answer, barring you are playing them to their full value! (in other words, don't coin out a 4/4 unit! This is for those 7/7+ worms or 6/5+ ronins!)

  • Make sure to use Rainbow's ability to replace enchantments for big tempo swings when it is needed. Don't miss lethal!

  • Racer and Speedway together make a very nice surprise pairing.

  • Check out how cheap the deck is! If nothing else, try this one out and marvel at how much bang for your buck this deck can afford a new player! :) Happy hunting!