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Control Midrange
Deck Created

May 20, 2020

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Yellow Orange control featuring artifacts for additional value and power. This deck is great to pick up and play when smaller Midrange and Aggro is popular on the ladder but has poor match-ups into combo or greedier decks.

Gameplan is simple until the lategame. Try and play cards on curve through till turns 6+ Aim to burn OOYY by turn 4 OOYYY on turn 5 and then OOOYYYX by turn 7, You will predominately find yourself burning more Y than O and 7Y3O or 6Y4O are very common.

Once you hit the Lategame attempt to abuse Ollama Ring and Model of Duality as much as possible without decking yourself out. Use your threats sparingly so as to not overextend, this deck doesn't play recursion like Wake the Bones and Bald Mountain so your goal is to force your opponent to waste multiple resources for each of your resources, be flexible with your threats and answers to achieve this goal in the lategame.

Both Ollama Ring and Model of Duality get more value the earlier you can get them out, however it's not worth taking large amounts of damage to get it out early, if you're falling behind on tempo play defensively and clear the field with Misanthropia or Armageddon Angel.

If you have a choice between playing Eager Recruit or Clay Effigy on turn 1, always aim for Eager Recruit. This allows you to be flexible on turns 2-3 with the Parsa Recruit to flesh out curves.

Additionally later in the game it's acceptable to hold Clay Effigies and Eager Recruits to draw additional cards with Model of Duality instead of playing them as soon as possible.

You will win games where you can force the opponent to play into your threats turn by turn. If you find yourself being unable to close out games you can consider swapping a copy of Xerxian Recruiter or Maze of Iyatiku for a copy of Volition

If you find yourself coming up against lots of Necromantic stratergies then you can sub in 2 Copies of Ghul over the 2 Xerxian Recruiters to give you a legup

In the same vein if greed decks become too popular swap out a copy of Maze of Iyatiku and a copy of Wonder Drug for a 2nd Godsbane Transport and a To Heaven and Back to help keep you gassed into the lategame

I hope you enjoy slamming expensive card after expensive card like Kaiba, this is a great deck to try out on ladder with healthy match-ups across the board. Be sure to give the deck a like if you enjoyed it :)

You can always catch me and see some gameplay footage of this deck on my Twitch Channel :